Enhance the things you do with Jethro Limited Apparel, Utah's brand new for-profit/for-charity clothing company. We simply offer good clothes for cheap. All our graphic tees are American Apparel, and all vintage are locally recycled clothes. New graphics arrive periodically, and we keep a steady stream of vintage clothes coming in too. Get em in person, online, and pre-order. With our Every Garment Guarantee, you'll find our watermark on the garment signifying authenticity. We promise it's what you were looking for; if not, bring it back. True story. 

We're also here to make a difference. With every garment sold, we make a charitable contribution; right now we're giving to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. So when you buy something, you're supporting more than just us; this will happen for everything we sell. We wanna do what we can to enhance the future that we're all a part of.

Buy local, help a cause, and live deluxe.

We Use American Apparel - Click to learn more


We're confident we offer wuey more than any other clothing company. When you buy from us, we guarantee you these terms of exchange:

you get-

-a locally made, unique product at a bargain

-confidence knowing you are creating local sustainability on multiple levels (last point below)

-an attractive, stylish, highest-quality product

you're helping us-

-keep things running (thanks)

-support a local charity

-sustain other companies (local AmApp distributors, vintage shops, screen printers, charities, events, festivals, etc... did you know that?)

individually you get what you want, we get what we want; collectively we bring a future with more of what we all want.